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Ferrari California

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Here are the pictures. Enjoy!gta_sa 2011-06-29 20-43-23-22
gta_sa 2011-06-29 20-46-55-65
gta_sa 2011-06-29 20-45-30-52
gta_sa 2011-06-29 20-53-49-35
gta_sa 2011-06-29 20-54-12-34

Shoutbox and other things.

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Hello World.
I just wanted to tell you that I wont add a shoutbox again, because of these spam bots and some other things. If you want to make a comment to a car of mine or to anything else, use the "Comment" feature under the post.
And I'am moving to Grand Theft Auto IV, I think I've got enough skill to expand my modding area. I had some problems with installing but now it works fine.

See you next time!

Test Drive Unlimited 2 OFFER!

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Hey Guys. Check STEAM out, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is for 5€ (4,99). Common lets buy it. I'am going to buy it now.

First IV-only convert!

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Hey Guys, I'm actually working on a Dodge Charger SRT-8 from 2006 for GTA IV. I want to say some thanks before:
KamikaZ - GTA IV Materials'n Mesh Settings (On KCS)
Kotton - Chop Shop
Whole KCS Community - I readed everything and know enough (I hope) to Make my first real car.

The only thing is, that this is a 4-door Car!
I hate making more than one doorsill.

See you Ingame!

Croatia I'am coming.

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Hello Guys, my parents just decided that we drive to Croatia this evening!
If anyone else will be there, we're driving to a island called Rab.
I will stay there for one week with my cousin and my family.

See you ;)



Name: Erik
Nick: thequilla
Favorite Modder: HKS_DRIFTER
Favorite Color: bright Green
Favorite Car: Ferrari 458 Italia