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Hey Guys, I'm back to FC2 since I think Blogger gets boring. Deleted all old posts in here. I dont know how often I will change my blog but when I switch, I switch between thequillasmods and this mod shop here.

Progress on the California so far:
- I'm modelling the engine in Semi-3D so but it's very high poly!
- 120k Poly engine (50% done)
Maybe I change the engine to a more low poly one when I'm done.

New Blog

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Hey Guys, everyone who still visits this Blog and gets linked to this one please click the link below to go to my new blog and be up to date, I dont want anyone to lose me.




Name: Erik
Nick: thequilla
Favorite Modder: HKS_DRIFTER
Favorite Color: bright Green
Favorite Car: Ferrari 458 Italia